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Deluxe Collection of Favorites PB Gift Set (GS4-PB)

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4.00 LBS

This great PB Gift Pack contains:

1 Ea Candied Nuts
1 Ea Milk Nat PB Cup
1 Ea 8 Oz Natural PB
1 Ea 8 Oz Honey Roast PB
1 Ea Spreader
1 Ea 9 Oz Mrs. Miller’s Dutch Apple Jam
1 Ea Butterscotch PB Powder Pouch
1 Ea Chocolate PB Powder Pouch
1 Ea PB Cocoa Mug
1 Ea AD Card (List ALL Stores)
1 Ea 8 Oz PB Non Pareils
Plus, you'll receive a card for a 10% discount on your next online order.